Posted by: The Fobel | Thursday, September 4, 2008

Outgoing link tracking in GA

Just found a blog post that shows you how to track outgoing links and downloads in Google Analytics.  The post can be found here.

In sumary you just need to add an onClick event to your hyperlink code e.g. – <a href=”; onClick=”javascript:urchinTracker (‘/outgoing/rssfeed’); “> you can do similar to track downloads.

In your GA account visit Content > Top Content and you will see the most popular pages on your site. Enter the term “outgoing” into the filter box as shown below and you will see a list of all the pages on your site with “outgoing” in the url. Normally this will just show exit clicks unless you happen to have real pages with “outgoing” as part of the url.

In order to track downloads then just change outgoing to download.


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