Posted by: The Fobel | Thursday, September 4, 2008

What are you using?


If your work for a University in the UK tell us what analytics packages you use.  If you want we can add your details to a Google Docs spreadsheet and add you to the list of users who can see it.  You’ll then have access to the individuals who control the stats.  Who uses Nedstat, Google Analytics.  Do you run two systems together.  Do you use your stats for benchmarking.  Have you seen Woopra?

Tell us your stories.



  1. anyone checked out.
    looks not bad.

  2. might be an idea to check out WASP add-on for Firefox, its fairly fast and accurate to show what analytics they are using by visiting their website such as “University of London” is using Google Analytics (urchin).

    It doesnt always seem to pick up the older version of google analytics.

  3. […] use by UK Universities Having received a comment to a previous post by David Iwanow I decided to install WASP add-on for Firefox. I have just trawled through all the […]

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