Posted by: The Fobel | Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Analytics use by UK Universities

Having received a comment to a previous post by David Iwanow I decided to install WASP add-on for Firefox. I have just trawled through all the Universities in the UK as listed on the Wikipedia page – List of UK universities by size and record what Analytics packages that they are using.  This information is correct as of the 17th September 2008 at 14:55.  The results can been seen by viewing the Google Docs spreadsheet but a summary is available below.

Google Analytics – 106 uses – 55.55%
Nedstat – 24 uses – 13.48%
Webtrends – 6 uses – 3.37%
ClickTracks – 1 – 0.56%
Omniture SiteCatalyst HBX – 1 – 0.56%
Yahoo Index Tools – 1 – 0.56%
StatCounter – 1 – 0.56%
Woopra – 1 – 0.56%
N/A – 37 – 20.79%


While I am not surprised that Google Analytics scores so high I am surprised that there are only 8 different solutions being used.  It is also noted that some institutions run 2 solutions in parallel.  The majority of those institutions that are running multiple packages are running both Google Analytics and Nedstat.  We do that at Abertay so we have analytics to view should we decide to change our provider.  Of the 37 institutions who don’t have detectable analytics packages one would hope that the majority of these institutions are performing analytics on their web logs.  What also surprises me is the lack of use of Woopra across other institutions.  Is anybody else trying this out on their University web sites?  Have you seen it yet?



  1. That’s a great use of WASP! Although I created it primarily for auditing web analytics tags, people quickly found a clever way to do market research.

    Thanks for mentioning it!

    Stéphane Hamel
    Creator of WASP!

  2. That is a very interesting and enlightening report! I’m not surprised at the lack of Woopra adoption at this point considering that we only went into closed beta 4 months ago and are throttling approvals. If anything, I’m surprised that Woopra was represented given that we’re such a youngster in the group.

    However, if any of the other UK universities wish to jump on the bandwagon, I’ll be happy to approve their sites and make sure they have enough page views to monitor all their usage. 🙂


    John P.

  3. Glad to hear that the wasp plugin worked so well. John if u are still finding the installation of woompa slow focus on the universities with just one analytic solution, using 2 or more creates a more even data set.

    Stephane thank you for the software look forward to the next update

  4. […] Analytics use by UK universities – an interesting survey from September 2008 of UK universities showing that 55% are using Google Analytics and just 3.37% for Webtrends. […]

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